The Toyota Way to Lean Leadership Achieving and Sustaining Excellence Through Leadership Developme

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This book had me thinking cover-to-cover. Each chapter focuses on a different company, relating the experience to a Toyota principle, especially around management role. It made me understand the difference between hero leader style (only relevant for his/her time) and lean leadership (for an organization built to last). I hope we can change the way of thinking for creating a sustainable and profitable business by having human values on the centre as explained in this book. The book has highlighted two strong points worth pondering upon. The first one was that it explained the philosophical aspects of lean, how it has been used at Toyota and some specific methods that Toyota uses to implement it. The other interesting part was how lean has been used elsewhere in other organizations that are in different situations. The last part of the book felt a bit repetitive and not adding as much value. It felt like the authors were mainly exclaiming how great lean is and Toyota is and so on without bringing many new insights anymore.

A great read if you are a new manager, a great read if you took a leadership role and climbing the ladders in executive world, a great read if you are already a seasoned leader and want to improve yourself further. I will rate this book as 4/5.

Jeffrey Liker, and Gary L. Convis

Dr. Jeffrey K. Liker is Professor of Industrial and Operations Engineering at the University of Michigan, owner of Liker Lean Advisors, LLC, Partner in The Toyota Way Academy, and Partner in Lean Leadership Institute.


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