Making Sense of Change Management A Complete Guide to the Models Tools and Techniques of Organizatio

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What I was looking for was an implementation or field guide for the Change Management practitioners. While this text promises to be "A complete guide to the models, tools, and techniques of organizational change" it lacks practical steps for implementing any of the several models it discusses, which was a big disappointment. Even though the topic is fairly heavy-going by nature, and the author utilizes many case studies to hopefully bring the subject to life for the reader by practical examples. At times it feels as if one has to read the text several times to get the most out of it, even though the book does not feel as it is lacking and certainly it is not a bad book.

Personally, I liked the way the authors compared and contrasted different approaches ... some really interesting thoughts here. I was also pleased to find some models and ideas that were new to me. I like the first part of the book and the differentiation between individual, team and organizational change which is essential for the change practitioner to understand. Yet few writers really get to grips with this. I also like the way that they present theory and then give their views on it. However, I found the second half of the book on practical applications less convincing and at times somewhat rambling. There is good advice there, but there is also a certain amount of waffle.

The best use of the book would be as a good reference for a graduation level survey of the various styles and methods of the many change management models out there. If you want to hold forth on the relative merits of various change management models at your next social gathering, this is your text. However, if you're looking for nuts and bolts on how to actually implement and sustain a cultural change, look elsewhere. I will rate this book as 3.5/5.

Esther Cameron, and Mike Green

Esther Cameron is an experienced change consultant who has been collecting and experimenting with approaches to change across different levels of organisational systems for 20 years.


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