When applying for a job in a start up, what should be my expectations?

A start-up is a brand, or I must say, a Fortune-500 company in making. If you have ever noticed what you feel, when you come across a multiplex or a flyover or a town under construction, that is exactly what you feel when you join a start-up. There will be uncertainty, anxiousness, and vagueness. There will be lots of rework. You will be required to do your own stuff, like cleaning your own desk and sometimes you will be expected to do mundane things, like booking a cab for your official trip and creating candidate interview form. In short, you will be required to roll your sleeves up, all the time. On a positive note, your performance will be highly visible. Therefore, you will get a fair chance to grow in the organization, both, financially as well as hierarchically, in a shorter period of time. You will get a chance to learn new things and sometimes multiple things.  Additionally, you will have an opportunity to share your ideas and your thoughts with the leadership team and get them implemented.  In short, start-up is not for you if you are looking for an organization with set processes, systems, structures, and benefits in place or if you are looking for stability. Start-up is for those who focus on their work, deliver results and are willing to create systems and structures. Start-up is for those people who enjoy uncertainty and instability. Every start-up has a high-risk high-reward proposition.

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As a Principal Consultant, Sanjeev is credited with pioneering best practice HR systems and processes for clients. As a Talent Strategist, Sanjeev partners with organizations hiring managers to find, select, and hire top talent which provides a foundation for organization's future growth.

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